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Shandong Jinxiang garlic international trading market (harayama Paul International garlic market) is sponsored by the Shandong garlic Agricultural Products Logistics Park Co. Ltd., planning for 1080 acres, a total investment of 3 billion 550 million yuan.

Jinxiang garlic international trading market has become the national and international garlic distribution center, price formation center, information center, storage and transportation center, exhibition center and science and technology exchange center.


The first phase of the project is 520 mu, and the construction contents include: 380 sets of shops, 55 thousand flat color color sheds and 150 thousand square meters of hardened trading venues. The two phase of the project is 560 mu of land, and 300 thousand tons of refrigerated storage facilities will be built. 2012 trading volume of about 1 million 200 thousand tons, trading volume reached 6 billion yuan. After the completion of the two phase of the project, the annual turnover will reach about 2000000 tons, and the turnover will reach about 10000000000 yuan.


The garlic international market in Jinxiang condenses the concern of leaders at all levels, the wisdom of experts at home and abroad, and the support from all walks of life. Jinxiang garlic international trading market has been the Central Committee of the CPC, the State Council, the Ministry of agriculture, the Shandong provincial Party committee and the provincial government and other leaders of all levels of concern.
In June 11, 2012, the Shandong provincial Party Secretary Jiang Yikang to Jinxiang garlic international trading market to guide the research work, the provincial agriculture department director Zhan Shuyi, Jining municipal Party committee secretary Ma Pingchang, mayor Mei Yonghong, Jinxiang county Party Secretary Liu chapter under the arrow, accompanied by county magistrate Dong Bing visited the market. Wang Shibo, general manager of the market, reports to the leaders on the market.