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Air quality improvement

In order to carry out the prevention and control of air pollution, improve air quality, continue to promote the "eco Jinxiang, beautiful Jinxiang construction, take the working mechanism of" government leading, and urban and rural sector linkage, division of labor ", Jinxiang county has taken a series of effective measures, air quality improved significantly. Implementing the grid management of air pollution prevention and control. In accordance with the requirements of "implementation plan" Jinxiang County air pollution control grid management, set up a Green towns street, equipped with full-time personnel for environmental protection, the establishment of air pollution control three grid management system, for dust pollution, industrial pollution, pollution, motor vehicle pollution of cooking fume and other air pollution in the implementation of no gap, no blind spots, full range management. Promoting the prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution. Since 2015, the county issued vehicle green flag 10517, yellow 318; for the 108 vehicles into procedures in accordance with the standards of the foreign car; introduced the "Jinxiang County governance eliminated yellow car special action plan", this year the total elimination of yellow cars 30, the other 109 yellow car standard car is under review. Promulgated the "Jinxiang yellow car" yellow to green "implementation of the program, to meet the requirements of the yellow car began to implement" yellow to green "work. Carry out comprehensive treatment of oil and gas recovery in gas stations. To speed up the gas station oil and gas recovery treatment schedule, with state subsidies and provincial special funds to combat air pollution, the provisions within the jurisdiction of the gas station oil and gas recovery period to complete comprehensive treatment project, and acceptance, implementation Yijiangdaibu policy, given a certain reward gas station. Up to now, 33 gas stations have completed oil and gas recycling, and 9 gas stations have passed the qualification test. The company has obtained the test report and passed the inspection and acceptance. Implementation of dust pollution prevention measures. To carry out special measures for dust control in industrial and mining enterprises, requiring effective dust suppression measures in the construction of internal storage yard, hardening of roads and roads, and implementation of hardening and greening on exposed ground in factories (farms). Outdoor storage of bulk materials in the storage yard, goods yard, construction materials warehouse will wind, dust suppression net, higher than the material at least 2 meters, and must install fixed spraying equipment, transportation engineering take airtight or canopy measures. The main roads in the factory (yard) area require regular wet cleaning and cleaning and regular cleaning to ensure dust suppression. The 17 processing sand stone yard for the production and operation of Jin Jia highway line were closed down for rectification.