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Price insurance

Market price fluctuation is a big risk for farmers to increase their income. Prices of agricultural products are often affected by natural disasters, such as high and low roller coasters, which make farmers tremble with fear. How to stabilize the price of agricultural products and polish the brand of agricultural products have been explored everywhere. Jinxiang insurance prices for garlic, make the farmer Hanlaobaoshou; Xiao Zhuang Chiping develop Yinggang Gang, to eliminate the adverse effects of pesticides. The two paths converge, eventually protect the interests of farmers. Reporter correspondent Jiang Guole Lu light News Agency correspondent Han Hongbo reported the newspaper Jinxiang news May 7th, Jinxiang 600 thousand acres of a piece of green garlic field. Garlic is pulling Wei Lou High River Street farmer Song Xinhua a change in anxiety, face joy, told reporters: "the garlic at most earn a hard-earned money, sometimes lose. This year, I have 10 acres of garlic have entered the price insurance, if the average price is less than 1.73 yuan per kilogram, we will get the insurance company's compensation, guaranteed not to lose money." Jinxiang is China's famous hometown of garlic, garlic planting, processing and marketing is an important pillar industry. But the garlic market volatile, especially after the 2008 financial crisis plunged as low as 1 cents per kilogram, in 2012 soared to 6 yuan per catty, wild garlic once people dubbed the "garlic madman", so that the national development and Reform Commission issued a "limit speculation", then fell to 1 pounds of garlic piece of money, at a loss the market is to let farmers feel. "In the past you were ruthless, and now you are not enough."." How to stabilize the market price of garlic and other agricultural products, so that people can afford to eat, and let farmers grow garlic is not lose money? In November last year, the provincial Price Bureau, the Provincial Department of agriculture and other departments jointly carry out the vegetable price target insurance subsidies pilot work, Chinese cabbage, garlic, potato and other 3 large production and more, residents living demand price volatility was included in the pilot vegetable varieties, and in the basis of vegetable industry, good farmers' willingness and risk conscious pilot county, Jinxiang county was listed as the garlic price target insurance pilot counties, government subsidies, insurance company business and farmers in the form of voluntary insurance. According to the past three years the average production cost of garlic garlic, determine the target price of 1.73 yuan per kilogram, the premium is 250 yuan / mu, the insured farmers only need to pay 50 yuan, the other by all levels of government, the maximum claim amount up to 2500 yuan per mu." Jinxiang County Price Bureau deputy director Shao Hui introduced, "if this year from 6 to August, garlic concentrated period of less than 1.73 yuan per kilogram, the insurance company will be awarded compensation."." It is understood that, now Jinxiang garlic planted more investment, cost per mu fertilizer 400 yuan, garlic 600 yuan, planted garlic artificial 200 yuan, dug garlic artificial 1000 multivariate, plus cultivated land cost, total per mu at about 2500 yuan. Ping An insurance company of Jinxiang Branch Manager Li Yanmei to reporters calculations, "now garlic per acre can produce 1800 pounds to more than 2400 pounds, according to 1.6 yuan per catty, farmers acres of garlic can be sold for at least 2880 yuan per mu, in addition can also get two hundred or three hundred yuan compensation, to ensure that farmers profit slightly of garlic." "Target price insurance" has basically solved the tragedy of garlic in the past, which can enhance farmers' ability to resist market risks, promote farmers' income and price stability, and promote the healthy development of garlic industry." Liu Zhangjian, Secretary of the Jinxiang county Party committee, commented on garlic target price insurance. At present, the county Party committee and the county government are promoting PICC, Ping An insurance and other 6 insurance companies to carry out pilot projects, so that farmers benefit. Farmers showed high enthusiasm for price insurance, and some village speakers shouted and finished their tasks in half a day. Shao Hui said, "at the beginning of the county set a plan of 100 thousand acres, has now developed to 150 thousand acres, accounting for about 1/4 of Jinxiang garlic."."

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