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Internet plus "garlic",

Currently, the electricity supplier industry is in a period of rapid development, the county electricity supplier will undoubtedly become a strong driving force for the future electricity supplier industry. Shandong, Jining and Jinxiang are large output counties of characteristic agricultural products. The special agricultural products based on garlic have a long history of output and a wide range of output. According to statistics, Jinxiang garlic planting area of up to seven hundred thousand acres, accounting for nearly 1/4 of the country's planting area. In the "Internet plus" era, based on the physical development of the electricity supplier, has become the local agricultural products trading business transformation, will also help Jinxiang achieve "buy national garlic sell global pattern of the formation of a helping hand. In March 27th, held Chinese garlic trading online line launch ceremony of high-end e-commerce forum, declared Jinxiang county "Internet plus" era. The general manager of Jining Jinxiang county government of Shandong vice mayor Guan Hongxiang, Jinxiang County deputy magistrate Yang Kai, county of Jinxiang Information Industry Zone Director Tang Jiufeng, Chinese network CEO Li Junbao, Chinese network library Jining Electricity Valley general manager Huang Yanyan, Shandong garlic Agricultural Products Logistics Park Co. Ltd. Liu Jie, and hundreds of outstanding business representatives attended the event. At the launching ceremony, Guan Hongxiang, deputy magistrate of the Jinxiang county government and President of the China network library, Li Junbao, pressed the starting ball in dozens of media and more than 100 enterprises. Guan Hongxiang said, "only Internet plus" landing, have unlimited potential. The more than 2000 China network library built the single network, more than 60 Shanggu across the country, is the "Internet plus" landing to the extreme, believe that Chinese network library will give Jinxiang bring infinite possibilities, in this regard, the local government is confident. He called on enterprises to actively seize the opportunity to strengthen the integration of Internet and traditional enterprise depth, vigorously develop science and technology innovation, the development zones in Jinxiang County led to the surrounding areas, Jinxiang county garlic realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. China network library President Li Junbao in the "business entity, entity online" in a speech in Wuzhen, the first World Internet Conference, Alibaba listed, double eleven cases described and analyzed the development trend of the electricity supplier and importance, and points out that the application of electronic commerce to carry out their own business entities is the development of the king. China Network Library Jining electricity supplier Valley general manager Huang Yanyan on the Chinese garlic trading network (http://dasuan.99114.com/) since the original intention of building the future planning, to the participating enterprises and leaders made an introduction. China garlic trading network will rely on Jinxiang county's special industries garlic, is dedicated to creating local and radiation within the online trading platform. The biggest feature of the transaction network is to form a joint force, to create advantages, to form a characteristic industrial chain, to promote the development of other industries, to achieve full flowering. The garlic industry started to build the platform, garlic, garlic, garlic powder, garlic, allicin and other trading network, extend the industrial chain, the formation of industrial agglomeration effect, promote the leap of economy of Jinxiang county.