Shandong garlic are Agricultural Logistics Park Co., Ltd.
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Jinxiang Taiang County agricultural Limited

Name Qing Shun Li 民族 Chinese
性别 年龄
area 籍贯
QQ Telephone 0537-8719688
手机 15589762066 联系Address
Company to modern agricultural logistics and cold chain logistics system, standardization, specialization and modernization as the goal, supporting the construction of the information system, can provide advanced management, facilities for trade of agricultural products wholesale and storage services to customers, from a new mode of operation of information collection, storage, goods market transactions, logistics distribution through-train the. Since 2007 the company has been put into operation, operating in good condition, the perennial in garlic, garlic, celery, grapes and other fruit and vegetable products, sales and purchasing products deep processing business, trading commodities radiation throughout the country, led farmers million households, garlic, celery and other leading agricultural production and planting area of 30 thousand acres.
Jinxiang Taiang County farmers limited company is located in Jinxiang County in the East 105 Road, adjacent to the Jinxiang garlic international trading market. The company registered capital of 2 million yuan, the existing staff of 16 people, the company covers an area of 13 acres, a total investment of 4 million 800 thousand yuan, the total construction area of 7000 square meters, including 2500 tons of large-scale cold storage, trading hall, market operating room, parking lot and service facilities etc..