Shandong garlic are Agricultural Logistics Park Co., Ltd.
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Jinxiang County Longyang Garlic Industry Co.

Name Zhao Wen Li 民族
性别 年龄
area 籍贯
QQ Telephone 0537—8718678
手机 18354792222 联系Address Jinxiang garlic international trading market No. 506,.507,.508
The company production of the main varieties are: finishing small package garlic, 3P package, 5P package, 1000 grams, 2000 grams, 500 grams, with 250 grams, 200 grams of 10KG, 5KG and packed cartons and bags of packaging products. The garlic industry has now become quite well-known in the acquisition of raw materials, product processing, refrigerated cargo and export trade as one of the leading enterprises of agricultural products processing.
Jinxiang County Longyang Garlic Industry Co. Ltd is located in the famous Jinxiang garlic international trading market. Is a raw material procurement, product processing, cold storage, circulation and export trade as one of the integrated enterprise. The company since its establishment in 2007, with rich agricultural resources, favorable geographical location and the joint efforts of honest and trustworthy business philosophy and all the staff, to create extraordinary value from an ordinary industry, with loyal service, to create the highest quality pursuit highlights. My company has 7 fresh storage, storage capacity of 6000 tons, more than 200 employees, the annual export processing more than 15000 tons. Products are exported to: Japan, South America, the Middle East, the United States, Russia and Southeast Asian countries, by the vast number of customers welcome.