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On September 22, 2017 market potash prices recently

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核心tips:Potash market weak steady running, although the market clinch a deal not improved significantly, but there was no obviou

Potash market weak steady running, although the market clinch a deal not improved significantly, but there was no obvious decline in prices.White border trade new stock co., LTD., 62% potassium port price is in 1800 yuan/ton, actual market clinch a deal the price more than in 1770-1780 yuan/ton., temporary stability for the domestic potassium salt lake group did not have a new price plan, official offer 60% crystal station in 1870 yuan/ton, but regional distributors generally offer at about 1850 yuan/ton.

Port big grain price 1900-1920 yuan/ton, 60% Russian red k price 1830-1850 yuan/ton;62% of Russia's white k price 1900-1920 yuan/ton.1890 yuan/ton port of yinkou large particles;Border trade area 62% white Russia potassium quotation to 1780-1800 yuan/ton.Benchmark products 60% crystal salt lake group to offer 1870 yuan/ton.

Domestic potassium sulphate market stability.Recently, some manufacturers said basic end of season, potassium sulfate reduced market demand, combined with some factories device in recovery in succession, so the new single volume slightly weak.More than 50% powder mannheim clinch a deal the price is in 2650 yuan/ton, 52%, and grain price is controlled in 2750 yuan/ton, the market prices are higher, but some factory said late still don't look good.

Potassium sulfate is 52% content in xinjiang lop nur were systematically stud Ed to quoted price is in 2650 yuan/ton, 51% content to offer 2600 yuan/ton.Mannheim mainstream price of pink of 50% in 2600-2700 yuan/ton, grain prices in 2750-2800 yuan/ton, price of pink of 52% in 2750-2800 yuan/ton.

Takahashi in hebei agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Of potassium sulfate was quoted at 2700 yuan/ton.Potassium sulfate attributes: status: powder;Grade: classy article;Potassium oxide content / % p: 50.00%;Particle size (diameter from 1.00 mm to 4.75 mm or 3.35 mm to 1.00 mm) / % p: 90.The offer will remain open for 3 days.

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