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China opens highway of connection Nepalese highway, print expert says "deterrence" India

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核心tips:Original title: Chinese opened to connect the Nepal border highway, Indian experts said deterrence in IndiaThe opening o
 Original title: Chinese opened to connect the Nepal border highway, Indian experts said "deterrence" in India
The opening of a highway in Tibet, China, has attracted the attention of India.
According to the "Tibet daily" 16 reported that the National Road 318 line, Shigatse airport to Shigatse city highway was officially opened to traffic on 15. Reported that the road should be said to be the first true highway in Tibet, its opening to Tibet will play an active role in the construction of the South Asian land corridor.
Earlier, the Tibet Daily reported on June 30th that after the completion of the highway, the distance between the two places would be reduced from one hour to 30 minutes. Designed highway grade one, two-way highway four lanes, design speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
But the news at home in China has raised fears in India. According to the Russian satellite news agency on September 19th reported that the construction of the highway triggered discontent in India, saying that this will pose a threat to India's national security.
The Global Times English 18 reported that the highway was parallel to the Shigatse Lhasa railway and connected to Lhasa and Zhangmutou, a small Chinese town on the border between China and nepal. The report quoted Chinese experts as saying that the highway would help to link China and South Asia economically and safely.
South Asia Research Center, Shanghai Institute of International Studies Director Zhao Gancheng said that although the two countries hope that through infrastructure to achieve Unicom to promote regional development and not for military purposes, but the highway connecting or angered India, because when neighbours are increasingly close to China, India has always expressed disgust.
"If Chinese by rail or road and Nepal closer between India and Chinese distance is only at arm's length." Srikanth Kondapalli, a professor at the Institute of East Asian China Studies at Nehru University in India, told the Russian satellite news agency that he also interpreted the Chinese move as a "deterrent" to India".
He also pointed out that "in Nepal China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative to support that the government of India strategic failure, because it shows that the India government did not convince the initiative of the Chinese away from nepal.
India New Delhi TV station (NDTV) website 18 reported that since Nepal's former Prime Minister Ollie (KP Sharma Oli) last year and Beijing signed a "transit trade treaty", China has been trying to improve the situation of road traffic between Tibet and Nepal, while speeding up the construction of the boundary China and Nepal Railway line plan.
At the beginning of September this year, the Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister Krishna Bahadur Magharah had conducted a 6 day visit to Chinese, Nigeria railway is a part of an agreement with the government in Chinese during the visit China. The railway includes two routes: one is to connect the three most important cities in Nepal, the other is to cross the border between China and nepal.
According to Xinhua News Agency reported earlier, Maharashtra said during a visit, Nepal has signed and Chinese adding "The Belt and Road" initiative memorandum. Both sides agreed that the foreign minister, "The Belt and Road" initiative is a major opportunity to strengthen bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, both sides should continue to deepen cooperation in various fields in the Belt and Road Initiative framework.
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