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In September 18th, the 4 Chinese warships gathered in the sea of Japan

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核心tips:Original title: in September 18th, the 4 Chinese warships gathered in the sea of JapanLegal Evening News view news (repo
 Original title: in September 18th, the 4 Chinese warships gathered in the sea of Japan
Legal Evening News view news (reporter Li Wenji) began in September 18th, September 26th, China Russia joint maritime -2017 exercises will be held in the second phase. Views of journalists have been in September 13th with the fleet set sail on the sea of Japan is the target of Vladivostok, the entire interview, bring fresh first-hand information for you.
It is worth noting that, in China to participate in the exercise of naval vessels, and the first phase are from the South China Sea fleet is different, the 4 ships were dispatched to Beihai fleet members.
And quite rare is, with the usual small formation of sea for a drive, a protection, a supply of "standard" different, the more a comprehensive submersible rescue ship - Long Island number.
(opinion reporters take the East Pinghu ship to Russia) (the opinion of journalists from East Pinghu ship to Russia)
Daqing ship last year to participate in the Sino Russian military exercises in the South China Sea
In the second phase of joint military exercises, a total of 4 Chinese naval vessels, namely, missile destroyer, Shijiazhuang ship, missile frigate, Daqing ship and integrated supply ship, East Pinghu ship and submarine rescue captain island ship. Remarkably, they all came from the Beihai fleet.
Department of Shijiazhuang ship missile destroyer 051C, hull number March 1162007 service in Beihai fleet, equipped with advanced anti-ship missiles, air defense, anti submarine and electronic warfare weapon system, with regional air defense capability excellent.
(Shijiazhuang ship) (Shijiazhuang ship)
In April 2009, the Navy set up 60th anniversary large naval parade, the Shijiazhuang ship once served as national and military leaders ride and review ship, the first appearance to the world.
In November 23, 2009, a fleet of Chinese naval vessels arrived in Chile, consisting of the Shijiazhuang ship and the Hongze lake ocean integrated supply ship. This is the first visit to Shijiazhuang. The ship formation spans the northern and southern hemisphere, runs through 12 East-West time zones, sails more than 11800 nautical miles, and creates the longest voyage and the longest voyage record for Chinese naval vessels.
In September last year, the Sino Russian joint naval demonstration was held in Zhanjiang in the East China Sea, including the Daqing ship. The ship's hull number 576, model 054A, served in January 2015.
After participating in the joint 3 months later, the ship and non-stop as the twenty-second batch of naval escort fleet command ship, to the Gulf of Aden, Somalia waters, the first implementation of the escort mission.
(Daqing ship) (Daqing ship)
In April 9, 2016, Daqing escorted by 7 foreign merchant ships, from the Gulf of Aden waters east to the Bering Strait crossing. The 7 ships were escorted from 6 countries and regions, including China, South Korea and Panama. They were sailing on two sides of the Daqing ship.
Not long after, Daqing ship in the formation of radar troops left in front of more than 20 suspicious vessel, approaching suspicious appearance and movements are closer. Daqing ship immediately improve the anti piracy level of helicopter before checking out, the commandos deployed to carry weapons and equipment. Daqing ship maneuvering to suspicious side of the vessel, the unknown vessel and the protected ship isolation. Suspected helicopters stopped moving near the formation of helicopters and warships.
Why isn't the Long Island ship like a warship?
As we all know, naval ships must have a supply ship accompanying the voyage, and this trip to Russia is no exception. In addition to destroyers, frigates, and a self-developed 903A supply ship - Dongping Lake Road, hull number 9602015 at the end of the year.
It must be pointed out that, this view, the reporter went to Russia with the formation, the ride is the Dongping Lake ship.
(inside the ship)
The ship as the name suggests, is to supply ship supply ship ship normal duty required for fuel, aviation fuel, ammunition, food, spare parts and other supplies.
In August last year, the twenty-fourth batch of Chinese naval escort set sail and went to the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters to carry out escort missions. In addition to the Harbin ship, Handan ship, as well as Dongping Lake ship. Here, it is just half a year.
It is worth noting that it can through the transverse, longitudinal and vertical and by a variety of ways to help the implementation of the supply operation of the fleet, with a strong supply capacity, is worthy of the "ocean sea fill giant meng".
Opinion reporters also noted that the exercise also specially sent the Long Island integrated submersible rescue ship, the ship began service 8672012 years. It has a low exposure rate and is a fairly low profile ship in the navy.
(Long Island ship) (Long Island ship)
Submarine is a latent ghost under the ocean. It is a formidable underwater killer, as well as a large warship for hunting aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers, as well as an important force for the blockade of the sea. Compared with surface ships, the submarine's operational environment is in the deep sea, and the conditions are even worse. once an accident occurs, the rescue is extremely difficult.
The biggest feature is equipped with a variety of submarine rescue equipment, can be carried out to rescue a certain depth due to lost power failure of the submarine, can also provide high pressure air to the distressed submarine to float, when necessary even to salvage wrecked submarine, a rescued 18 crew members from a submarine.
"China Ocean News" said, "look afar Long Island ship, unlike a warship, more like a passenger ship processing boats.". The reason is that the ship has huge superstructure, and the tail is equipped with a large number of truss type life-saving equipment and large cranes. Although there is no destroyers and frigates as majestic-looking appearance, Long Island ship is naval combat, especially an important support of submarine combat.
As for why to send less show of Long Island
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