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How do I jump out of the vicious circle of agricultural products trading?

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核心tips:Garlic to garlic you miserable, is a lot of garlic farmers the pain of cutting one's body this year. From the peak to th
 "Garlic" to "garlic you miserable", is a lot of garlic farmers the pain of cutting one's body this year. From the peak to the trough, the experience of garlic farmers is also a realistic pain point for many farmers in the market game. How to get out of the price increase - scale expansion - price decline - the cycle of loss trading, the test is not only the individual wisdom and ability of farmers, but also tests the role and role of the market and the government to play an effective role.
As long as the market players, profit seeking is difficult to avoid, which also led to farmers or farmers engaged in production and marketing organizations in the market, there are blind follow the trend of phenomenon. The price is to expand the scale, herd, decline to lose everything, "quitting", which for the farmers or farmers operating organizations, is tantamount to self harm. In the course of time, the "long time bomb" will be planted for the long-term development of agriculture and the healthy operation of the market, which will damage the vitality of agricultural development". It is a very heavy topic that we can pay enough attention to the market.
From the market play a fundamental role in the allocation of resources, to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play the role of the government, the market is more and more important in the allocation of resources in the role, and the role of government in continuous optimization. This must be a spiral progression. The decisive role of the market, how to play the role of the government, and where these boundaries and initiatives need farmers, markets and government continuous exploration. From the garlic into garlic from your miserable, Jiang your army to be Jiang Jun, you can map out the function of government and market should be improved.
The decisive role of the market is clearly at the forefront. Farmers or agricultural management organizations need to master more common sense in marketing. When prices enter the peak, they need to remain calm about agricultural investment, and the agricultural products may enter the next limit period. Farmers should be expected to make adjustments to the planting and breeding structure of certain products. Otherwise, only blindly follow the trend, repeat the milk base down milk type vicious circle. When the agricultural resources are concentrated to a specific product, practitioners should develop market demand in different aspects through product diversification and high-end, so as to avoid the oversupply.
At the same time, the government also need to give guidance to the market behavior, when they can fully cover the market management system, which can mobilize the enthusiasm of the market, the market can Douzhu bottom line, to minimize the risk, avoid large fluctuation of agricultural product market negative impact on farmers and agricultural production.
For hot money speculation, the relevant government departments should intensify efforts to combat governance, which is a powerful platform to better play the role of the government. And farmers or agricultural organizations also need to be under the policy guidance of the relevant government departments, learn to avoid market risks and maximize interests.
Whether the role of the government play, or the market in the allocation of resources plays a decisive role in the consolidation, will have a profound impact on the supply of agricultural products. The diversification of the supply of agricultural products, promote the reform of the number of varieties, quality, brand, market and so on, to avoid the risk in one basket ", in order to fundamentally improve the competitiveness of agricultural products in the market, in order to avoid price fluctuations of agricultural products roller coaster.
(source: Yangtze River Network) [original title: garlic prices suffered roller coaster, market regulation need to rebalance]
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