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New pepper began airing, wait-and-see mood increased

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核心tips:September 16, 2017, buyers wait-and-see atmosphere suddenly increased, to significantly reduce the volume of goods, dome
 September 16, 2017, buyers wait-and-see atmosphere suddenly increased, to significantly reduce the volume of goods, domestic pepper prices fell slightly, of which Linying slipped 0.10-0.20 yuan / Jin, Jinxiang fell 0.10 yuan / jin. Overall slowdown in the transaction, there is a significant decline in volume of goods.
From the main domestic market situation:
Linying cold storage quality Three Capsicum 5.50-5.70 yuan / kg, on all goods 4.60-5.30 yuan / kg, the overall decline of 0.20 yuan / kg. Storage shipments enthusiasm high, adequate market supply, buyers wait-and-see atmosphere, to the volume decreased significantly, more demand purchasing, prices fell slightly, the daily trading volume in 300-400 tons, nearly half lower than yesterday. Jinxiang cold pepper boutique 5.20-5.30 yuan / kg, down 0.10 yuan / kg, on all goods 5.00-5.10 yuan / kg, all 4.70-4.80 yuan / kg, affected by the new pepper drying, taking active storage shipments, market supply, buyers wait for attendance and volume decrease, market goods to go slow cold, fine slightly lower prices, volume 100 tons.
Zhecheng prices remain stable, Kang pepper on the increase in goods, but businessmen wait-and-see mood is strong, to goods is not active, the market to go goods slightly slow, the overall volume of less than 200 tons of goods, of which 130 tons of cold pepper. Wucheng prices remained stable, storage shipments positive, buyers wait-and-see atmosphere increased, goods enthusiasm is not high, the phone orders a few days ago to reduce, most are regular customers orders, shipments decreased slightly. Hebei, Xianxian County and Wangdu together with the shipment, the overall volume is not large, to Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding merchants to goods based.
To sum up, with Jinxiang three cherry pepper cut new sun drying, pepper market is approaching, to the storage business to greater psychological pressure, forced to sell the stock, the market supply increases, while buyers wait-and-see mood enhancement, how to reduce the goods waiting for the new stock market, to prevent losses caused by price fluctuations. In the short term, the volume of goods has been significantly reduced, prices fell slightly.
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