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Garlic market in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 16, 2017

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核心tips:Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 16, 2017:The goods on the market today morni
 Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 16, 2017:
The goods on the market today morning peak is significantly reduced, more than 30 cars, and sellers from traders asking price increase. The procurement personnel remained constant yesterday level, take the goods, enthusiasm can only be general, but because of the strong demand, it is difficult to buy goods, to purchase only the traveling market continues rising trend yesterday, close to noon, there was a small turnover peak, but the overall volume is not as good as yesterday.
Afternoon, the market volume remained at more than 20 vehicles, buyers did not show much in the morning, traders still asking price on the performance of support, but the two sides on the price difference increased, the transaction was blocked.
Today, the majority believe that there are 6-8 points, there are 10 Fen of the argument, some said: "do not want to see, to see the high price of more than 10 Fen, can sell Bai."!"
Some vendors said, "today is up and tomorrow has to go up."! You don't believe it, try tomorrow, dare to 20 Fen higher, do not look at the market a few days ago, many goods, the following is really no garlic!"
After two days, more goods, less goods, only to see, and after all, the whole of August said that the goods are less, but now or not, which day suddenly come to a "burst"? Yesterday and today's rise temporarily can only return to the rebound category, after all, this wave after the decline in the market needs an adjustment, as for now is not the end? This is not the starting point rise is rising? Really can't jump off, what the future can only be left to the future to /confirm/i.
Red garlic price:
Unit price: RMB / Jin
Slightly mixed level
General mixing level
Good leather, slightly mixed
Local mixed level
5.5-6 large mixing stage
Garlic core
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