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September 16, 2017 jinxiang garlic international trading market garlic market

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核心tips:September 16, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:Today, the market is greatly reduced, the morning

September 16, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:
Today, the market is greatly reduced, the morning peak is more than 30 cars, the vendors are asking for higher prices and hard gas.
Procurement staff yesterday basic, constant take goods, enthusiasm is generally, but due to the strength of the seller, where it's difficult to get the arrival of the goods, if you want to purchase only accompanying the, prices continue rising trend yesterday, near noon clinch a deal and a small peak, but overall volume is better than yesterday.
In the afternoon, the market volume remained in more than 20 vehicles, the buyers did not show much in the morning, and the price of the traders continued to perform, but the two sides increased their price differences and blocked the transaction.

The majority of today's increase is thought to have 6-8 points, also have a hair of saying, some say: "don't look to want, see the asking price is more than a hair, can sell bai!"
Also some peddler said: "today go up, tomorrow still rise!
You don't believe to try, tomorrow below the asking price dares high two hair, don't see the market goods of a few days ago, bottom really have no garlic!"
After two days more goods and less goods can only be seen, after all, the whole August is said to be short of goods, but now is not still one day suddenly come to a "explosive quantity"?
Yesterday and today's rally can only be returned to the rebound category, after all, after the fall of the market needs an adjustment, as to whether now is the bottom?
Is this the starting point for the next rally?
It is impossible to judge the future by the future.
Red garlic price:
Unit price: RMB/kg
Smaller mix level
1.8 to 1.9
General mixed stage
1.93 to 1.98
It's a little bit bigger
2.0 to 2.1
Local level
2.12 to 2.35
5.5-6 large mixed level
2.4 to 2.53
Garlic shoots
1.58 to 1.6

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