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September 21, 2017 jinxiang garlic international trading market garlic situation

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核心tips:September 21, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:1. Excul garlicToday's market on volume increased,

September 21, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:
1. Excul garlic

Today's market on volume increased, there are more than 60 cars during rush hours in the morning, big mixing level, good leather goods still continue hard price, purchasing personnel is not much, much is interacting, procurement, can achievement, no hurry not rashness take goods.
Afternoon market goods less than 50 cars, the trading status unchanged, the entire transaction is not much, the market is weak, the general mixing level of 1.95 yuan.
The weak market has been going on for several days and the sale and confrontation is still under way.
2. Cold storage garlic
Broker service center in the morning about 80 people, the supply of goods increase, procurement general, the market has a weak performance.
Red garlic price:
Outside the library of garlic
Cold storage garlic
Smaller mix level
1.78 to 1.88
The garlic material
2.0 or so
General mixed stage
1.9 to 1.97
General mixed stage
2.2 or so
It's a little bit bigger
2.0 to 2.1
4.5 cm garlic
2.1 to 2.15
Local level
2.18 to 2.3
5 cm garlic
2.4 or so
5.5-6 large mixed level
2.32 to 2.5
5.5 cm garlic
2.55 to 2.6
Garlic shoots
1.43 to 1.47
6 cm garlic
2.85 to 2.9
Unit: RMB/kg

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