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On September 20th, the garlic market WeChat platform officially started the cold kui garlic offer

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核心tips:September 20, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:1. Excul garlicAt the peak of the market today, th

September 20, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:
1. Excul garlic

At the peak of the market today, there are more than 40 vehicles in the market, and the price of the traders is still not good, especially the mixing level.
In general, there are a few market to pick up the goods, not only the enthusiasm is not high, but the price will be strong.
In the afternoon, the market volume remained in more than 30 cars. The trading atmosphere was not as good as the morning.
The amount of goods is not large all day, the state is a few like yesterday, the market is weak.
2. Cold storage garlic
The broker service center attended about 40 people in the morning. From the feedback information, the supply of frozen garlic was relatively abundant, and the purchase was mainly packaged and purchased. The enthusiasm of the goods was not high, and the market price was down by three or four points.
Today, Indonesia has begun to take delivery of goods, 4.5 centimeters of category grade garlic also has a certain deal.
Red garlic price:
Outside the library of garlic
Cold storage garlic
Smaller mix level
1.8 to 1.92
Indonesia garlic
2.1 yuan
General mixed stage
1.94 to 2.02
General mixed stage
2.2 yuan
It's a little bit bigger
2.05 to 2.15
4.5 cm garlic
2.15 yuan
Local level
2.2 to 2.32
5 cm garlic
2.4 to 2.45
5.5-6 large mixed level
2.35 to 2.5
5.5 cm garlic
2.55 to 2.6
Garlic shoots
1.4 to 1.43
6 cm garlic
2.85 to 2.9
Unit: RMB/kg

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