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September 18, 2017 jinxiang garlic international trading market garlic market

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核心tips:September 19, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:At the peak of the market this morning, there were


September 19, 2017 jinxiang garlic international market garlic market:
At the peak of the market this morning, there were about 50 cars in the market, and the price of the good garlic traders was still hard. The quotation was slightly weaker.
Procurement is still tepid and less personnel.
Take a turn to take a look to take goods not anxious appearance, have the normal opening sheet also is to push the price to pressure badly.
It is difficult to conclude a transaction if the two parties have a large gap in quotation and counter-offer.
In the afternoon, the market volume remained at more than 30 cars, less than in the same period yesterday, but the transaction showed no signs of improvement.

In this trading situation, the market today has a weak performance of three or four points.
There was no sign of the garlic clove, and the price was around 1.4 yuan in the afternoon.
Time will soon be in late September.
Market broker service centers have also begun to gather in popularity, with around 40 in the morning.
There has also been a gradual increase in cold storage of garlic recently.
The market today is basically smooth, the cudair is commonly mixed level 2.25 yuan, Indonesia about 2.1 yuan.
Red garlic price:
Unit price: RMB/kg
Smaller mix level
1.8 to 1.92
General mixed stage
1.94 to 2.02
It's a little bit bigger
2.05 to 2.15
Local level
2.2 to 2.32
5.5-6 large mixed level
2.35 to 2.5
Garlic shoots
1.4 to 1.43

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