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Citrus don't put the autumn tip is what reason, how to do?

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核心tips:Recently, the south of continuous high temperature and drought makes many orange farmer is very disappointed.Remove the
Recently, the south of continuous high temperature and drought makes many orange farmer is very disappointed.Remove the sun in the field work, more let their heart is late autumn.In general, citrus new tip 40 ~ 45 days to old familiar, if autumn tip hair too late, will delay its instar, late will involve tree nutrient, slow swelling, also reduced the flower bud differentiation of accumulated temperature time, especially for when fertility is weak or tree, a large quantity of GuaGuo tree, is even more impact.

Citrus don't put the autumn tip is what reason, how to do?

High temperature and drought, citrus, why don't the tip?

The root system damaged

Root is the main organ, citrus absorb water when citrus root due to soil drought affected by water stress, the light absorption of root damage to outer skin, dissolve or root most organelles are destroyed.Is closely linked to tip and root, the root system damaged, smoke tip will inevitably difficult.

Citrus fruits fall tip period in smoke), new tip and root growth of fertilizer, the root system damaged by drought, decrease fat absorption, absorb nutrition can't keep up with consumption, fruit has basically sit tight right now, is in a dominant position in the tip fruit competition, solid tip is difficult.

Recommended work slowly

Although a lot of fruit in base fertilizer ShiQiu tip by now, but the autumn tip of fertilizer with organic fertilizer + organic compound fertilizer is given priority to.Organic fertilizer effect slow and persistent, is to provide nutrition for the entire fall tip period guarantee, and readily availability of compound fertilizer is the power of "tip".

But for a long time of drought, resulting in compound fertilizer dissolve slowly, it works more slowly, reach the role of promoting the tip, also prone to fertilizer damage, plus the root system damaged can not effectively absorb, new tip life difficult.

The tree body affected by the drought

Blade is the most sensitive organ citrus reaction to water stress, if long time of drought, leaf cells and chloroplast ultrastructure change, chloroplast grana disordered arrangement, serious when even collapse, influence the photosynthetic efficiency.

Tip branches grow in the drought, often characterized by early old familiar to stop growing or smoke life difficult, mainly because drought inhibit cell division.

The long drought environment of citrus growing of new tips

In long drought environment citrus new tip hair amount than normal conditions and low a lot, especially in the autumn of tip source: fan

Drought will raise levels of SAP, break the balance of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, promote flower bud differentiation, even may the flowers fall, the abnormal consumption increased tree nutrient, prevent new tip hair.

Citrus drought, the general trend of hormones to promote growth hormones to reduce and delay or inhibiting growth hormone increase, it is difficult to pin.

Citrus don't put the autumn tip is what reason, how to do?

Citrus response in autumn shoots

Citrus at high temperature and drought not tip actually is a kind of self-preservation.Just think, if the new shoots, transpiration undoubtedly exacerbate, tree under water stress, so to do a good job of drought is the major premise for tip.

Completes the drought fighting work: measures including irrigation water, trees, grass planting, etc, but to irrigate the most direct the most effective.Irrigation should be conducted in the morning and evening, don't stay orange groves severe drought and a large amount of water, avoid to cause a large number of dehiscent fruit, every time pouring, pouring through.

Promote tree nutrition: spray to the canopy ShiHai elves biological stimulants (leaf type) 800 ~ 1000 times liquid, on the one hand, strengthen photosynthesis, tree, nutrients at the same time, strong fruit to promote tip;On the other hand the sea elf contains humic acid, seaweed extract can promote plant leaves, such as the increase of the content of proline promoted the cell water-holding capacity, at the same time can improve the protective enzyme activity of plant cells, reduce the cytoplasmic membrane permeability, etc. To increase drought resistance of the citrus.

Curing root: pour ShiHai elves biological stimulants (root type) 300 times liquid, and to repair damaged root system, improve the effectiveness and the absorptive capacity, to new tip hair.Recommended furrowing shower, dry soil surface crust, poured in ground water is very difficult to penetrate to the 5 cm below the soil layer, and easy to evaporation, water utilization rate is very low.

Note: (1) if persistent droughts, stick to do a good job in drought resistance in new shoots out after 5 cm, increasing under phosphorus application in order to promote its instar, reduce the waste of transpiration.(2) if the drought is extremely serious, should give up tip, in order to protect the tree is given priority to, as long as the green hills last, the not afraid not to burn.

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