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Citrus adult trees of the main causes of low yield and comprehensive high technology

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核心tips:Our country is citrus production country, but not citrus production power, low average per mu yield is one of the import
Our country is citrus production country, but not citrus production power, low average per mu yield is one of the important gap.According to incomplete statistics, nearly 30% of 26.98 million mu of citrus in China is low yield of adult trees.The cause of adult trees under the low yield of citrus and comprehensive high technology is introduced.

Citrus adult trees of the main causes of low yield and comprehensive high technology

A leading cause of adult trees, low yield formation

As is known to all, citrus seedling grafting once planted, under the condition of normal management, 3 years can blossom, after 4 ~ 6 years results in the early period of fertility (rich) period is entered namely after, general besiktas up to more than 20 years, after aging period.But because of various reasons, often makes positive besiktas citrus trees prematurely senile, the serious influence to the fruit planting benefit.According to the analysis, the main reason has the following several aspects: one is the gardens or poor soil.Before planting soil has not improved fertilizer, or grew up with citrus plants, roots extend to without improvement or poor soil, the tree growth, the result is blocked and a sharp drop in output.Second, the water can't keep up.Oranges into the season after the results, and water is also needed for many, once the deficiency in fertilizer, DaXiaonian will occur as a result, even the next year as a result, the tree body into recession ahead of time, to become low yielding trees.Citrus plant when water demand in irrigation, may also affect growth results.Three is plant vegetative growth has not control, only long tree without results, or rarely become flourishing trees in low yield.Four is trimming tree body failed to science.Young trees not plastic, appears to disrupt the tree, the tree affect the ventilation pervious to light the big branches is not handled in time.Can appear with the increase of tree canopy closure, a cross between canopy, the photosynthesis, canopy layer thin leaves, the decline in output.In addition, the dense planting citrus garden later failed to thinning (move), also can make crown closure, cross and cause low yield.5 it is suffering from diseases and insect pests, natural disasters.Such as citrus huanglong disease, canker, cracked skin disease, foot rot disease and mites, such as pest, stem borer pest harm, such as tree for potential premature aging, declining production.Natural disasters, especially drought will seriously affect the growth of trees, as a result, lead to premature aging tree potential, low yield.

Citrus adult trees of the main causes of low yield and comprehensive high technology

Second, the low yield of adult trees comprehensive productive technology

1. Selection for low yield of adult trees Low yield of adult trees can transform into a high tree, should be to choose the tree body.Should choose the tree body health, at least, basic health, especially the trunk, a central to health, no serious plant diseases and insect pests, such as crack skin disease, resin, such as foot rot and longicorn harm;Garden for improved soil thickness should be 1.0 meters, so after transforming is appropriate tree root growth of the soil.

For tree unhealthy body, trunk, skeleton branches by the serious harm of diseases and pests, lose value transformation of the new plant sapling trees should be invisible.Usually young trees are not invisible meridian engraftment of old trees, without using the original point, with interval of 2 ~ 3 years after engraftment advisable, any result plant normal growth, and to facilitate engraftment.

2. Different types of adult trees integrated high technology For different types of low yield of adult trees, after find out the reason of its low yield, take content, fertilization, pruning and pest control out of integrated technical measures, such as tree body returned to normal growth, smoke mother shoots born good results, the result as soon as possible, to increase production, high yield.

(1) comprehensive high technology popular stripper adult trees.In low yielding trees usually grow in the soil deep, fertilizer sufficient conditions, due to strong vegetative growth consumes a large amount of nutrients, to flower or outcome is rare, transform such trees often take underground part method combined with aboveground.Wang zhen long reason mainly is the topmost caused by improper anvil ear combination or improper fertilization, etc, to this, should be appropriate control nitrogen fertilizer use, increase in the use of phosphate, potash, cooperate with clip, promote vegetative growth to reproductive growth.Pruning technology take more thinning, less stub, prevent stimulation in the topmost long, its main points: one is to thinning some strong branches.Grew more popular canopy is unfavorable and short section, nor a thinning is overweight, so as not to smoke more strong branches.Erect branch group and part of thinning year by year in the collateral, improve the internal canopy light, keep many times the topmost branches, moderate growth, promote flowering.The second is to suppress taproot mong long.Spring germination, the topmost taproot lower 20 cm soil pulls out, use wood chisel carved around the taproot phloem, weaken the root growth, with corresponding abate canopy in the topmost long.Three is to protect flower and fruit.Use less hydrophobic into flower mother branch, branch, great branches cut rings, increased water control measures, such as flower bud differentiation.Erase after flowering strong spring pin and all summer tip fruit, in order to increase fruit loads to weaken trees, gradually achieve tip fruit balance, and then into high yield).

In addition, due to varieties of popular long low yield of high should be taken to meet another technology, here do not elaborate.

(2) the weak low yield adult tree comprehensive productive technology.Due to poor management after planting or other reasons, a plant grows weak, slow results or less.Weak weak low yielding trees usually root system, loss of ability to absorb, adopting conventional commune content, enlarge hole fertilizing, sometimes difficult to work, can use "shop, shallow, frequently," fertilization technology and achieve the goal of recovery potential, increase production.Fertilization methods: "light" is a shallow organic fertilizer.Spring bud, promote fat tip until early April, the general adult trees give human waste liquid of a 30 kg;Winter basal in advance to the end of September or early October, 100 kilograms of faecal matter + 0.7 kg urea, plate after row of water the tree."Practice" is frequently applied to thin organic fertilizer.From may to July monthly early urea 0.3 kg or 0.7 kg compound fertilizers."Fill" refers to a variety of elements fertilizer.Tree in order to make the comprehensive nutrition balance and nutrition supply, in full bloom, physiological fruit and strong fruiting repeatedly spraying borax + 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.1% + 0.3% ~ 0.5% of urea solution.Spraying 0.2% of urea solution during drought."Shop" is refers to the summer and fall drought season, with green manure or straw mulching trees, then build a thin layer of fat on its soil, the mulch, strong fruit, promote the tip has a good effect.The underground part fertilizer combined with aboveground heavy cutting, to encourage growth and the topmost results mother branches formed, increase production.

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