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When watering, garlic garlic watering best time

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核心tips:Garlic when watering?Garlic watering when is best time?Recently, there are a lot of farmers consulting related issues.Th

Garlic when watering?Garlic watering when is best time?Recently, there are a lot of farmers consulting related issues.This article will focus on garlic watering time knowledge related to do detailed introduction for you, for your reference.

When watering, garlic garlic watering best time

Garlic when watering

Water has exquisite garlic in seedling stage and the growth.based on past experience, generally a week is good seedling emergence, sowing should generally topdressing good seedling emergence fat at a time.If the field soil is dry, should irrigation time, promote the seedling growth;Seedling stage is garlic nutrition organ differentiation and formation of the critical period, not stem not watering, prevent flood irrigation, after the rain should be paid attention to and timely drainage field.Drainage is not timely, it is easy to cause garlic seedling dead tree.

When garlic in middle and later periods of the seedlings, this stage can be watered once again, the seedlings into the vigorous growth, should be timely irrigation, to accelerate the growth of garlic leaf.In addition, the water can be combined with organic fertilizer, is advantageous to the garlic stalk enlargement.In front of the freezing soil, but also water the foot and water in winter, winter, after the water plants in order to ensure the safety overwintering.

Because of garlic root system's capacity to absorb water and weak part in seedling stage should topdressing bio-bacterial manure and the right amount of organic fertilizer, to avoid a yellowing tip off fat.Yuan-lin song thinks, generally after the garlic out of good seedling emergence, can be a n fertilizer, urea, but avoid to prevent burn seedlings.

When watering, garlic garlic watering best time

Water optimal time of garlic

Young plants start growing in early spring the rise of temperature, and the water of garlic field depends on soil moisture and flexible control.More rain and snow this year, the soil moisture, water can be begun in early march.Early spring water shoulds not be too early, watering frequency is too often, water quantity is too much, just in case for water to reduce ground temperature and influence of garlic early.Since April the garlic into the peak water demand.In April that said "garlic, mud station", that is the reason why, therefore, this period, must meet the water demand of garlic, often should keep the soil moist, until 5 to 7 days before harvest stop watering.

Garlic water demand is bigger, the whole growth period typically take four watered.

After the improvement effect of water: garlic planting should be timely watering, watering the foot soaks, without missing one individual plant, water 100 cubic meters per 667 square meters.The water both meet the needs of garlic cultivation, and provide convenience for covering membrane.

2 seedling water: in early April or so commonly, or geothermal water for more than 15 ℃.

(3) the water moss: as soon as garlic sprout forth its pouring the water.

[4]) water: finished pull garlic moss is pouring the water.

When watering, garlic garlic watering best time

How do garlic watering

Garlic leaf is stronger drought tolerance, but the root soil into shallow, absorbing ability is weak, so the garlic requires higher soil moisture, and different growth period, the soil humidity have different requirements.

1, maintaining high soil moisture after sowing garlic, such as drought, water should be early, so as to achieve optimal quantity sowing.Winter is generally not irrigation, promote root restrain the growth of seedlings.

2, in the next year after the garlic striking root fertilizer, irrigation TouShui, it is the key to the young garlic shoot, garlic to increase production.

3, the garlic seedling period to keep see dry wet soil, can promote root growth and development.

4, garlic after seedling stage to soil moisture requirements gradually improve, stage bolting and bulb), peak to the requirement of soil moisture, the farmer's proverb "eat garlic, mix mud" say is this truth.

5, in the late development of garlic bulb, water requirement, water should be controlled, promote the phosphorus stems mature and improve the water resistance of garlic.

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