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Pepper disease images and control

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核心tips:Is chili pepper disease common diseases such as growth process, seriously affected the yield and quality of hot pepper,
Is chili pepper disease common diseases such as growth process, seriously affected the yield and quality of hot pepper, for pepper caused adverse impact on the development of planting industry.As a result, farmers must strengthen the pepper plant disease prevention and control measures.Below small make up will lead everybody know about the pepper plant disease and prevention and control measures:

Pepper disease images and control

Chili common diseases and pictures

1. Pepper virus disease.There are two main types: Mosaic necrosis type.Caused by tobacco Mosaic virus.Sick leaves appeared irregular faded green, thick green and light green and white Mosaic disease, some brown necrotic spots to appear on the leaf, the leaf main vein along the stem appear dark brown necrotic streak, cause the fallen leaves, fallen petal, fruit drop, so that the whole plant death.Leaf malformation.Plant deformation caused by cucumber Mosaic virus infection, characterized by disease Ye Zeng thick, smaller or show fern leaf shape, leaf chlorosis, shrinkage, uneven in line, stem internode shortened, the plant dwarf, branches and leaves a clump of tufted.Disease present spotted or necrosis, deformity, easy to fall off.The disease is made up of tobacco Mosaic virus and cucumber Mosaic virus and potatoes nu caused by virus infection.High temperature, drought, which is beneficial to aphids occurred, virus disease occurrence.Engraftment late, continuous cropping, lack of fertilizer are prone to viruses.Route of transmission is mainly transmitted by aphids and contact transmission.High temperature and drought is not only beneficial to aphids and poison, but also reduce the antiviral ability.Virus is spread mainly by the contact friction and micro wound, field operations, such as training, picking fruit through contact with infected virus, cause harm.

2. Capsicum bacterial wilt.Since the top blade wilting early onset, or on individual branches few leaf wilting, extended to the whole plant wilting, after the early onset wilting during the day, morning and evening can be back to normal, not late recovery of water, blade is not easy to fall off.Plant stem base first onset, no obvious symptoms, disease department in wet conditions, disease stems often appear water invasion streak, after turning brown or dark brown.Slitting and disease, stem vascular bundles brown.Crosscutting disease, stem section presents the hazel, extrusion or after moisturizing stem visible disease have ivory mucus overflow.Late strain stems hollow inside, disease stem base layer is not easy to shed, root from decay.

Pepper disease images and control

3. Pepper anthracnose.Leaf disease, early for faded green water spots, gradually become brown, light grey, middle verticillate small black spots on the disease spot.Peduncle sometimes suffer, brown concave spot and irregular, dry weather-shack.Water shape tan early fruit, circular or irregular spots, the surface has a bulge of concentric round lines, and there are a lot of small black point, damp disease spot surface overflow red dope.The disease spot easy drying shrinkage on the fruit were membrane, some broken.Caused by the chili spine plate of spore fungus infection.Bacteria growth temperature 12 ~ 32 ℃, the optimum temperature of 27 ℃, air relative humidity is 95%.PengShi planting conditions, due to high humidity, high temperature, often heavier disease.The day burning damage as well as the various fruit anthracnose occurred serious damage.Planting density is big, poor drainage, and improper or excessive nitrogen fertilizer, will also accelerate the occurrence and extension and spread of the disease.Bacteria in the sick body, the soil surface and wintering seeds, from a cut, spread by wind, rain, insects, etc.

Pepper disease control

1, select disease-resistant varieties, without strain stallion.

2, seed processing.With cold water soak 1 ~ 2 hours, and then use 55 ℃ warm water soak for 10 minutes, add cold water cools the emergence of seeding.Can also be used to seed soaked in cold water 10 to 12 hours, with a 1% copper sulfate seed for 5 minutes, or with 50% carbendazim wettable powder 500 times liquid immersion for 1 hour, after remove with plant ash or a small amount of lime neutralization of acid, and then to sow.

Strengthen field management.Reasonable density, fertilizer, PengShi timely ventilation, avoid high temperature and high humidity, pay attention to drainage, timely remove disease leaves, fruit and residue, a rotation with the same vegetables 2 ~ 3 years.

Pepper disease images and control

3, drug prevention and control.Early onset can be sprayed with 70% methyl tianjin wettable powder 600 ~ 800 times liquid, or 80% mancozeb wettable powder 500 times liquid, and chlorothalonil 75% wettable powder 800 times liquid mixture spraying, or 50% anthrax f the wettable powder 300 ~ 400 times liquid or 1:1:20 0 times of bordeaux mixture, spray once every 7 to 10 days, a total of 2 ~ 3 times.

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