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Outage information of Jinxiang power supply company in November

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核心tips:Dear electricity customer: Hello! The following is the 2016 November power failure line announcement. Please arrange the work and life of the customers. Our company has brought you the power failure
 Dear power customers:
Hello! The following is the 2016 November power failure line announcement. Please arrange the work and life of the customers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the interruption, and thank you for your understanding and support!
This information does not include temporary maintenance or power failure.
Blackout date
Outage time
Outage line
Power failure reason
Blackout area
Major affected customers
November 24th
10kVSan Lu line
Chengxi:10kVProtection and reconstruction of mountain route
All line
Yushan Town: building, Xu Lou, Su Lou hole, beans (Zhang Caomiao), variable Tang Xi Dou Tang Cun Su Zhuang, Zhouzhuang, East, west of the village of Zhouzhuang (Zhang Chalou) change (Zhang Dazhuang) and South Zhouzhuang (Zhang Zhuang), change in Zhouzhuang (Zhouzhuang), Zhouzhuang North variable variable (small Su Lou), Yang Zhuang, Yang Zhuang, Chang Xinchi North processing factory, weaving factory, Dou Dou Tang Wan Cun agriculture, rich into cold storage, preserved fruit factory, Jinxiang Taiwan Xin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. and Jinxiang County Spring Textile Co. Ltd., Jinxiang dageda Food limited liability company, Jinxiang County, Jinxiang Dou Tang Steel Ltd. Fukang Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd. in Jinxiang County, new building materials Co., Ltd. Yun Jinxiang Henghui farmers limited, Jinxiang County Jiatai Refrigeration Co. Ltd. and Jinxiang County township of Jinxiang County, red Hengwenku Regal Co. Ltd and Jinxiang Kangtai County farmers Jinxiang County farm limited, Mansfield Refrigeration Co. Ltd. and Jinxiang County shunhang fruits Refrigeration Co. Ltd. and Jinxiang County Yixing trade limited company, Jinxiang County town of fish hole floor village committee in Jinxiang County, fish Town Su Lou village committee, Jinxiang County town of Zhouzhuang village fish Committee, Jinxiang County Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. is far better than Jinxiang Cheng Zhong County fish cooperatives, Jinxiang Zhongxin storage Co. Ltd., Jinyang garlic industry, Kangda international Foodstuff Trading Co, hole building cold storage, cold storage, hole building station, Li Aiguo Shandong Jin Hengnong products cold chain logistics Co. Ltd., Shandong poly Yang Trade Co., Ltd., Shandong Qiliwei fertilizer industry in Shandong Province, Shandong Jinxiang special steel factory garlic Agricultural Products Logistics Park Co. Ltd., Su Lou agricultural credit cooperatives, cold storage, search, search Guangzhan pencil factory, Yang Hongguang cold army pencil factory Yang Chang library, Yuan Xinjie cold storage, Zhang Deshun cold storage, Zhao Yunqi cold storage, China Mobile Communications Group, Shandong branch, Jinxiang branch, China Tower, Limited by Share Ltd, Jining branch.11月25日
10kVJin Xing line
Chengxi:10kVProtection and reconstruction of Jin Xing line
All Line
Kim: public variable: three in the town hall, the bus station Jiashuyuan for: Shandong East real estate, real estate, geeya Mong real estate (and not to take over the area), Li Changyu Su Lou, cold storage, cold storage, drainage and irrigation station Li Weihang Li Changxue dehydration equipment factory, cold storage, forward Xiang Yucai Hou Jinliang and tile factory precast factory the detention, the detention center, police squadron, Zhai Baoling cold storage, cold storage, double lung king Maoguang cold storage, cold storage, cold storage, the nature of Xu Zhipo Xu Yadong Lv Yuling, cold storage, cold storage.
November 28th
10kVWest High Line
Chengxi:10kVProtection and reconstruction of West high wire rod
All Line
The township: Zhang Zhuang, Wang Jiecun, Yuan Lou Cun, Wang Jiacun, ten shop, village, village, Li Nan Zhang Lou Cun, Liu Tangcun, Jia Zhuang village, Huang Zhuang Cun, Jinxiang County, Chang Zhuang village, integrity culture square construction headquarters, Guangming Electric Company, Shandong poly Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. billion Vanward home, Thailand Trade Co., Ltd., Jinxiang JMC, red star, Sheng Xing, thermostatic storage industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Jinxiang Thailand Real Estate Co. Ltd., East Shengying mining company, Tianlong fruit and vegetable Co., Jinsheng Pipe Industry Co Ltd, element fertilizer factory, Luding, Ltd. and the mobile communication company, Fort ord Elevator Co. Ltd., agricultural fertilizer company, Quanda company, Jin electric company, Xavier and electric vehicle manufacturing, water Jin Yuan, Wan Bangda home, Beichen Gas station, Taoist Association, Huaan hydraulic company, Zuckerman Special Electric Appliance Co. Ltd., full of constant temperature cold storage, Edward Enterprises Limited, Jingyang machinery factory.
November 29th
10kVFood line
Chengxi:10kVFood line protection reform
All Line
Yushan Town: Wetland scenic zone street.
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