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Congratulations on the convening of the first member's Congress of the association of chili tra

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核心tips:In October 12th, the first member's Congress of Jinxiang County pepper Traders Association was held in the conference room of garlic international market in Jinxiang, and Liu Jie, general manager of the market and chairman of pepper Traders Associati

 The first Congress in October 12th Jinxiang County pepper Dealers Association held in Jinxiang garlic international trading market conference room, general manager of the market dealers association chairman Liu Jie, Zhang Guangqi pepper and all members to attend the meeting.

Liu said: in recent years, the county Party committee and government of Jinxiang agricultural planting structure adjustment, the industry guidance, market driven, pepper industry booming, planting area of 80 thousand acres by 2013 this year, the rapid development of the 420 thousand acres, showing a good development prospects.As Jinxiang is a new hot pepper producing area, the trading mode is relatively simple, and the lack of industry standards is not conducive to industrial development needs. The establishment of the pepper dealers association forms a link between brokers, exchanges, sincere exchanges, and self-regulation.We Jinxiang as the only formal, legal pepper market, will as in the past for pepper farmers, traders and good service, to provide more perfect, more comfortable trading platform for everyone, as in pepper trading links in problems between the market and the association will actively communicate and solve, such as a major problem, we can communication through the association and the government and the market.

Zhang Chang said: "I am also an ordinary pepper dealer, thank you for your confidence in me, elected me to be the first president of the pepper Association.". Our association is a member of a large number of autonomous organizations, the next step we should unite to help each other, and regulate trade transactions.Pepper traders and members have difficulty all should reach out to help one, if it is found that the pit taking farming, we should take the initiative to maintain Jinxiang pepper industry reputation, and actively discouraged.In the transaction, we should cooperate with the market work, comply with the rules of market transactions, such as good advice and advice on market management, through the association to market positive response.Jinxiang County pepper Dealers Association will firmly safeguard the legitimate interests of the members, and other areas established by brothers Association, a comprehensive understanding of the industry data, predict the impact of the pepper industry, so as to grasp the market trends and analysis.The chili dealers association is an organization representing the interests of the overwhelming majority of members and practitioners, but the government and which companies are difficult to represent.Members of the association are the prerequisite and foundation for the healthy development of the association. Members have the right to enjoy and have the obligation to do so. They are bound and free.We will do our best to serve the members, and actively expand the market, strive for greater room for development, and make contributions to the pepper industry in Jinxiang.

At the meeting, the members spoke actively and offered suggestions for the development of the association. The establishment of the Jinxiang pepper Dealers Association, through industry self-regulation, can solve many problems in chili trade, and can also solve the communication problems between the buyers and the market, the buyers and the government.Jinxiang County pepper Dealers Association will actively adapt to the market and the development of the industry to create a good atmosphere for the development of the industry, the creation of suitable for Jinxiang industry quality standards, and promote the further development of the pepper industry of our county.

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