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Clean up garlic Road market and create civilized and hygienic Jinxiang

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     In order to further improve the image of the city, the complete elimination of existing garlic market surrounding area supply vehicles Jeeves, Luantingluanfang, traffic congestion, dirty and messy, Jinxiang garlic sales provide a good trading environment, let people create fair and secure trading venues, with strong garlic sales market supervision, to create a civilized city health in Jinxiang.

    In June 14th, by Jinxiang County People's government, Public Security Bureau, comprehensive law enforcement bureau, Department of transportation, office, agricultural product quality safety management in business logistics management committee, Jinxiang garlic market office and other departments, led the people's Government of Jinxiang County deputy magistrate Meng Xiangjian, carry out the garlic sales market within the county rectification inspection action.

   The action of garlic, focus on cleaning up the sale of Vehicle Rental freight vehicles, garlic broker owned vehicles and roadside Luantingluanfang, Jeeves and other illegal activities, to ensure traffic smooth, orderly. At the same time, explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of governance Road market supervision, guide the masses and business households to enter the professional market, take the function of fostering the professional market, and create a good market environment, but also to do the road to the people, to create clean, beautiful and orderly living environment, create health and civilized image of the city.
    Shandong garlic Agricultural Logistics Park Limited is an international trading market, Jinxiang garlic pepper market, agricultural trading market, fullrich logistics park, Shandong garlic Industrial Park, integrated into a cluster of specialized agricultural products trading center. Garlic logistics park is located in the south of Jinxiang logistics park, west of State Road 105, the registered capital of 70 million, market planning land area of 865 acres, a total investment of 950 million yuan, the formation of specialized with garlic, hot pepper, chemical fertilizer, agricultural development, planting, trading, warehousing, logistics as one of the top international trading market. In 2013, Jinxiang garlic international market was designated by the Ministry of agriculture as the designated wholesale market of agricultural products. The garlic international market in Jinxiang condenses the concern of leaders at all levels, the wisdom of experts at home and abroad, and the support from all walks of life.

    Through the inspection, inspectors group explained at the time of inspection by patient and issuance of garlic product promotional materials and other ways to allow operators and vendors to understand Jinxiang garlic trading illegal Jeeves hazards, and asked the dealer business as soon as possible, self-examination, consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations, take the initiative to evacuate Road, to enter the formal market transactions.
    Inspectors in the work seriously discouraged the guidance of illegal related personnel and vehicles, to play a good effect, traders recognize the seriousness of the error, and gradually launched vehicles into the garlic market transactions. Moreover, some traders left the staff after seeing far from the inspectors, and some of them were rather stubborn. Law enforcement team of them have done ideological work, and guide them into Jinxiang garlic market according to regulations for sale.

   Through the examination and rectification, the residents in the vicinity of the road feeling, early in the morning before mobile stalls, wholesale vehicles will be the intersection blocked, want to go to detour, now the market rectification, Jeeves is not, the road is not blocked, the mood is relaxed passers-by.

   It is understood that during the rectification, stop all the stalls jeeves. Inspectors will step up inspections and management and strictly handle illegal operators in accordance with the law. The inspection not only publicized the garlic products in Jinxiang County, but also regulated the order of garlic sales and marketing, and set up a good market atmosphere for setting up the brand of garlic brand in Jinxiang.
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