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September 20th garlic market, WeChat platform officially began cold storage garlic Quotes

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核心tips:Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 20, 2017:First, garlic outside the storehous
Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 20, 2017:
First, garlic outside the storehouse
The market today morning peak volume of more than 40 cars, traders price is still not flesh, especially good skin level mixed big. There are several general market procurement staff, the market picked up the goods, not only the enthusiasm is not high, and strong willingness to lower prices.
Afternoon, the market volume in more than 30 to maintain the car trading atmosphere than morning, really few goods billing.
Today, the whole day, the volume is not large, the state like yesterday's copy, the market is weak operation.
Two, cold storage garlic
Brokers service center in the morning about 40 people, from feedback information, cold storage garlic supply is relatively abundant, procurement to packaging procurement mainly, take goods enthusiasm is not high, the market has three or four points decline.
Today, Indonesia has begun to take goods, such as 4.5 cm category garlic also has a certain deal.
Red garlic price:
Extra garlic
Cold storage garlic
Slightly mixed level
Indonesian garlic
about 2.1 yuan
General mixing level
General mixing level
about 2.2 yuan
Good leather, slightly mixed
4.5 cm garlic
about 2.15 yuan
Local mixed level
5 cm garlic
5.5-6 large mixing stage
5.5 cm garlic
Garlic core
6 grade garlic
Unit: yuan / Jin 
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