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Garlic market in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 19, 2017

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核心tips:Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 19, 2017:The market today morning peak volum
 Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 19, 2017:
The market today morning peak volume of 50 cars, good garlic traders asking price still is hard, worse offer lesser. Procurement is still lukewarm, less personnel. Look around to take the goods not worried, there is also the normal billing price under pressure. It is difficult for us to conclude a bargain between buyers and sellers.
Afternoon market volume remained at more than 30 vehicles, the volume of goods compared to the same period last few, but the transaction has not yet improved signs.
In such a trading position, today's market has a weak performance of three or four points. There is no sign of the garlic core, and the price is around 1.4 yuan in the afternoon.
Time will soon be approaching late September. Market broker service center began to gather popularity, the morning scene of about 40 people. Recently, cold storage, garlic trading is also increasing. Today, the market is basically stable, library garlic generally mixed about 2.25 yuan, about 2.1 yuan of Indonesian goods.
Red garlic price:
Unit price: RMB / Jin
Slightly mixed level
General mixing level
Good leather, slightly mixed
Local mixed level
5.5-6 large mixing stage
Garlic core
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