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Garlic market in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 14, 2017

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核心tips:Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 14, 2017:Today morning market volume than ye
 Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 14, 2017:
Today morning market volume than yesterday has decreased, the peak period will be about 50 vehicles. Yesterday afternoon, the market stabilized, coupled with the reduction of goods today, causing traders started from sellers, especially mixed level of good skin and more than 5.5 large mixed class. Purchasing staff is not much, take goods enthusiasm is relatively still OK, but for slightly higher asking price generally not recognized, but the transaction price is still slightly hard.
Afternoon market volume of more than 30 vehicles, purchasing personnel to reduce, take goods enthusiasm is low, the market is weak decline, less turnover. All prices compared to yesterday's overall stability, but also slightly weaker view.
Mid September, but also to garlic farmers peeled garlic species season, today the market garlic core goods increased, but the price declined slightly, clinch a deal price 1.6-1.62 yuan.
"Garlic" has reached this point, coupled with "garlic bud" urging tight, traders have lost the previous concentration, where the rebound?
Red garlic price:
Unit price: RMB / Jin
Slightly mixed level
General mixing level
Good leather, slightly mixed
Local mixed level
5.5-6 large mixing stage
Garlic core
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