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Garlic market in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 12, 2017

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核心tips:Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 12, 2017:Today, the market continues to incr
 Garlic market dynamics in Jinxiang garlic international market in September 12, 2017:
Today, the market continues to increase the volume of goods, at 11 in the morning, cargo volume of about 90 vehicles. In addition to the big sellers active traders, mixed class, other varieties have weakness for performance. Purchasing personnel scarce, that is, with goods, are under pressure to test prices, the whole market trading atmosphere is poor, fewer transactions, the market fell 3-5 points.
Afternoon, the market volume to maintain the 60 car around the level of purchasing compared to no significant improvement in the whole morning, the market turn almost can not see a few decent billing to take the goods, some traders some confusion, prices continue to decline trend.
The market price for chaos is not to say, the general level of mixed billing more than 1.9 yuan, two yuan bill of garlic quality should be very good, high grade two mixed piece of more than 10 Fen have to go, except for a few cars 6 big price still adhere to the two block six, the remaining varieties fell not less than 10 fen.
A vendor said: "a piece of nine open single, unloading the goods can fall a block, eight is that you will mix."!" So, today fell more than 10 Fen, my car yesterday good skin is generally mixed grade pure to fall still nearly two pieces of a company!" Another dealer echoed.
Red garlic prices: the market is chaotic, the following quotation is for reference only
Unit price: RMB / Jin
Slightly mixed level
General mixing level
Good leather, slightly mixed
Local mixed level
5.5-6 large mixing stage
Garlic core
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