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Garlic is a roller coaster, how to jump out of the farm to buy and sell the cycle?

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核心tips:As long as it is the market subject, the convenience is unavoidable, which also leads to the blind copycat phenomenon in

As long as it is the market subject, the convenience is unavoidable, which also leads to the blind copycat phenomenon in the market of farmers or farmers.
The price increase expands the scale, "a lot of", the price of the price has no return, "a burst of", this is to the farmer or the farmer business organization, is like the self-harm.
Over time, a "periodic bomb" will be planted for the long-term development of agriculture and the health of the market, which will undermine the "vitality" of agricultural development.
It is already a very heavy topic to learn the lessons of the market by how much.
Plays a fundamental role in the allocation of resources from the market, to make the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better give play to the role of the government, the role of market in the allocation of resources more and more important, the government's role and function has been optimized.
It must be a spiral.
The decisive role of the market, the role of the government, the need for farmers, markets and governments to explore.
From the garlic to the garlic you, from the ginger to the jiang army, can reflect the market and the government's role to be improved.
The decisive role of the market is clearly in the forefront.
Farmers or agricultural profit-making organizations need to grasp more common sense of the market.
Enter the peak, the price need to remain calm, to the agricultural investment for agricultural products may enter the next drop stop, farmers should be, planting, breeding structure adjustment of specific products.
Otherwise, just blindly follow the wind, the milk of the milk of the cycle.
When agricultural resources are concentrated in a particular product, the practitioner should develop different market demands through product diversification and high-end, so as to avoid the occurrence of oversupply.
Meanwhile, the government should also give guidance to the market behavior, when both role to universal coverage market management system, can arouse the enthusiasm of the market, also can take the market bottom line, to minimize risk, avoid large agricultural market ups and downs the negative impact on the farmers and agricultural production.
In the case of idle speculation, relevant government departments should step up efforts to combat governance, which is a powerful platform for better government action.
However, farmers or agricultural organizations need to learn to avoid market risks and maximize their benefits under the policy guidance of relevant government departments.
Whether it is the government's role or the consolidation of the market's decisive role in resource allocation, it will have a profound impact on the supply of agricultural products.
To boost agricultural supply quantity, variety, grade, brand, market diversification of the reform, avoid the risk of "in one basket", in order to fundamentally improve the competitiveness of agricultural products in the market, can better avoid the roller-coaster cycle of agricultural price volatility.
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