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In autumn, garlic farmers are busy peeling garlic to grow garlic, and next year they will bet on a h

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核心tips:Garlic farmers buy garlic seeds in mid-september 2017.Half months to planting season of garlic, garlic farmers are busy

Garlic farmers buy garlic seeds in mid-september 2017.
Half months to planting season of garlic, garlic farmers are busy buy going to continue to grow next year garlic, this year the garlic seed prices of 6, 7 cm diameter 2.1 yuan a catty, much cheaper prices higher than last year, 2016 "garlic you malicious" outbursts, garlic prices up to $7.
ChengWu in shandong area, the gate of the corridor in the home, the shade of the village head side of the road, is full of busy peeling garlic garlic farmers, planting garlic is about 300 tons of garlic an acre of land, so calculate down this year garlic kind of an acre of land can save costs 1500 yuan.

Garlic prices since April and May 2016 collapsed, a lot of garlic farmers say: this year the garlic price is so low, certain kind of people would be less next year, a certain price, garlic farmers choose to continue to grow next year garlic, decided to bet on a "garlic you malicious".

According to a senior garlic farmers, calculated on a cycle for five years, planting garlic is roughly a year at a loss, have two years to make money, two years basic break-even, encounter "garlic you malicious" times can be an acre of land income is 10000 yuan, total up higher than the peasants income, and low price of garlic last year, that's why many farmers choose to continue to grow garlic.

Garlic farmers are busy peeling garlic.
In the whole garlic industry chain, garlic farmers are at the bottom of the scale, the information is asymmetric, they have no bargaining power, and the price of garlic can only be manipulated by the market and the price fluctuates greatly.
In the good years, the real money is the garlic merchants, garlic farmers just sold a little more money.

Garlic is a small garlic clove that is placed in different bags. When growing, select large garlic cloves, and small ones.

Garlic seed garlic core, garlic core can not be planted, the garlic core stripped down directly to sell, at present price about 1.4 yuan per catty.
The price of garlic is the veteran garlic dealer also can not understand, always has been ups and downs, earn and compensate is the matter of a moment.

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