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In September, the egg price broke the five mark!

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核心tips:The daily egg price is a topic that farmers and consumers must care about.Since the beginning of September, egg prices h

The daily egg price is a topic that farmers and consumers must care about.
Since the beginning of September, egg prices have continued to rise, with a steady rise.
And go to the supermarket recently consumers can obviously feel it open to hang the rally, like henan zhengzhou area supermarket it is 5.1 yuan/kg, even at this time last month, it remains at 3.6 yuan/kg;
At this time last month, the egg price was 2.8 yuan/kg.
In just two months, the price of the egg has doubled and gained momentum.

Recently keenly feel it gains is farmers, in a rising trend in most regions of the country as a whole, eggs are market prices higher, after vomiting blood loss during the first half, now slightly surplus, also calculate a little comfort in heart.
I have to say that the farmers who can hold on to the present are really brave.
After the double impact of the H7N9 bird flu test and the policy of environmental protection, you still stick to the job of farming, and provide eggs for thousands of families.
For the recent egg price, supermarket staff said that the high egg price of 4.8 yuan per jin has lasted for a short period of time.
With the advent of the National Day double festival, the price of eggs will stabilize at the high price.
Even if prices fall back after the holiday, there is limited scope for the fall.

In the first half of the year, when egg prices continued to slump, many farmers pulled out of the poultry industry, and their stock fell rapidly.
General eggs will fill after column capacity in five months or so to preliminary show, so now it is good, but the opportunity is late to catch up bar, even if in July column laying hens was the fastest see bar tonic results will by the end of the year.
Now the golden nine silver ten, the peak season of egg consumption, because in the prophase of the egg chicken patch less, the environmental protection of the policy impact of the relocation, caused the egg market to be in short supply situation.
According to the analysis of the poultry industry barometer, the demand for the egg market will continue.
The egg market in the second half of the year is still in a stable situation.
Even now, the end of the year, at the end of the year, even before the Spring Festival, will supplement the shortage of egg production.

Although the price of egg price is related to people's livelihood, the attitude of residents and other consumers is very calm, and consumption is quite rational, which is very commendable.
Nowadays, people's living standards have been improved. In terms of diet, the selection of ingredients is abundant.
Although eggs are of high nutritional value, the idea that "you should eat less or buy other ingredients" is the mainstream.
Yes, the poultry bellwether thinks that eggs are for eating, not for "stir-frying";
Houses are for living, not for profiteering.
Is moment in a changing market, prices rise and fall is normal, we should take a rational consumption to adapt and regulate the market, this is what we should advocate the correct consumption view and values.

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