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Wholesale prices of garlic in guangzhou have fallen sharply

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核心tips:The price of garlic has been falling since the new garlic went public in May.At the beginning of September, the average

The price of garlic has been falling since the new garlic went public in May.
At the beginning of September, the average price of garlic in the farmers' market in guangzhou was about 18.38 yuan per kilogram, which is about 9% lower than the average price of the garlic retail price in guangzhou farmers' market at the beginning of January, which is 20.25 yuan/kg.
At the wholesale end, however, the price of garlic has fallen sharply.
The national wholesale market price information system showed that the price of garlic per kilogram in the country dropped from 13.55 yuan on January 25, solstice31 to 6.19 on September 9.
On September 15, garlic wholesale price of garlic wholesale market in the whole country was 4.4 yuan - 7.7 yuan per kilogram.
There is also data showing that shandong jinxiang, which is reputed as the price of garlic, is now priced at 3.4 to 4.2 yuan per kilogram.
In comparison with the above data, the wholesale price of garlic is now down more than 50% from January.
Since 2006, there has been a vicious cycle of "rising prices -- falling prices -- falling prices -- that have been typical of garlic planting since 2006."
"Because last year the price of garlic went crazy, garlic farmers increased the area of garlic.
In terms of weather, this year's climate is more suitable for garlic growth, which increases garlic production, which is an important factor in the price decline of garlic.
The wholesaler introduced.
To this, there are agricultural analysts suggested that the government should have policies to encourage farmers to support garlic deep processing, and early maturity varieties, stagger garlic focus more development time to market, to increase the ability to resist risks.
Farmers can increase the variety of products other than garlic, such as garlic bolting, garlic sprouts, and so on.
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