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Provincial department of commerce important product traceability system demonstration construction s

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核心tips:On September 19 provincial department of commerce important product traceability system demonstration construction teams

On September 19 provincial department of commerce important product traceability system demonstration construction teams to jinxiang garlic international trading market research to guide the work, at about 10 am, deputy director of the provincial department of commerce market order place WeiRongJian line of six people in the city business bureau office market order ya-dong liu, city business bureau, director of the finance section chief Li Xuzeng came down to my office on the first floor hall market.
County government party member, county economic development zone management committee director Chen tao, county business bureau chief ji siguang, county business bureau deputy director zhang zufeng accompanied the activity.

Jinxiang garlic, general manager liu jie international trading market to detail WeiRongJian line 2017 market trading, foreign trade, electricity, etc, work conditions, and introduces in detail the market in garlic, chili big data collection and the agricultural products traceability of work, she said, as the accelerating agricultural modernization and people's consumption level unceasing enhancement, food safety is more and more be taken seriously, organic farming is intensive, traceable is the direction of the future agricultural development.
My market is now a high-tech agricultural company cooperation with guangdong, using advanced technology and mature traceability system planning construction of garlic, chili organic planting base, the base will play a demonstration leading role in the county, after the completion of the to speed up the jinxiang organic farming techniques and the large increase in farmers' income.
We will integrate the market information system, completes the garlic cultivation, trading of "big data" collection, and using cloud computing platform management, analysis was carried out on the "big data", it will be in jinxiang garlic industry in the development of accurate guidance.

Through on-the-spot view and listen to the report, WeiRongJian clasp industry development trend, the market for me to build an influential international origin of agricultural products trading market practices give full affirmation, think I not only do a good job in garlic and other agricultural products trading market, also expand the traceability of agricultural products, big data, etc, will guide. Whole construction machinery has a strong typicality, demonstration and
And then the next step work, WeiRongJian hope I market continue to adhere to the innovation idea, development of faith, to control the garlic and other agricultural products from the source, increase investment in the construction of "big data" system, continue to rely on jinxiang concentration of industrial advantages make articles, promote the healthy development of garlic industry.

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